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March of the Renewables

Stand on a beach long enough and one thing that really strikes me is the enormous range of textures, particularly on a falling tide. Ripples, water, channels, rusting remains of sea defences, bits of foam, flotsam and jetsam – you name it and it just materialises before your eyes as the tide recedes. Add a bit dramatic light from a clearing weather system and there are countless images to be had. The human element is, at least on the east coast of England, almost always present as well, just to add to the mix. So, this is not a typical minimal long exposure, rather an attempt to capture some of the interplay of natural and human elements along this ever eroding coast. As I’ve been moving from a full-frame Nikon system to the much lighter Fujifilm X-Series, these images are also the first I’ve taken using Lee Filter’s smaller Seven5 system, liking the results.